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The moon on the night of my 23rd birthday partyThe trees the morning i moved into my first home in a new citycyanotype, 2014, Maddy Young


The 100,000th VW Brasilia, November 1974. Photo from Antigos Verde Amarelo.
There is no neutral education. Education is either for domestication or for freedom.
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Omg they’re sooo cool!!! We got the best seats too 💏😁 #ringlingbros #circus #elephants #amazing #coolorado #cool #colorado #denver (at Ringling Bros. at Denver Coliseum)

Circuses are elephant hellpits, never support animal abuse.
Elephant Voices:  Elephants in Captivity
Born Free - Animals in Circuses
The Cruelest Show on Earth
PETA - Animals in Circuses
ASPCA - Circus Cruelty
PAWS - Enjoy the Circus?  The Animals Don’t 
IDA - Elephant Protection

Oh wow!!!! I didn’t know that. I’m not into animal cruelty too. So if you can, before I bash your face in, bitch. Don’t repost or add negativity to my posts.

Look, another mouth-breathing neanderthal who doesn’t want any “negativity” added to their animal abuse photos (or at least I think that’s what it’s saying, hard to tell with the incomprehensibly stupid). 

Tumblr is a public site my dear friend. Don’t want comments? Don’t post anything. 

How DARE you point out that the photo I’m posting supports extreme animal cruelty!!! God, what do you think I am, someone who gives a shit?
It’s a public site. Instead of bitching and moaning about negativity on your posts you should stop and take a moment to really review those sources. If you think abuse is okay for the sake of entertainment, you’re a shitlord.
I’d love to see how much you’d enjoy the treatment those elephants receive.

Neither of these elephants have injuries, scars, or chains attached to them. They are all healthy weight, and clearly appear to be in healthy condition. ( this is just me looking and zooming into the photo ) They also have no cuts or chunks missing from their large ears. Which is the most common thing in Elephant abuse. Personally, I’ve been up close and personal with elephants at a special orphanage in Sri-Lanka, I know the results of what abuse looks like to these amazing creatures, and you can tell AND SEE abuse from almost a mile off.
Elephants are extremely intelligent animals. And they need socialisation to keep sane. As wild elephants travel in herds and communicate often with other herds, as well as other members of their group. They are being trained like pets. Mind you, an Elephant should never be a pet. But these ones seen here are being rewarded with food, shelter and socialisation after doing a show. So that isn’t cruel in my opinion. I’ll had that most shows like this always have a vet on hand to make sure that they are okay. Also, if you really hated your performing elephant, would you clean it’s toenails ? ( seen in the picture, they are white, not brown as commonly see with wild ones. ) 
Whilst keeping elephants for entertainment MAY be abusive, the treatment they will receive is only 10% bad in most cases.
Now I ask you, is someone labeled abusive if they train their dog to roll over, then they reward them with affection / food / treats ? Because that’s the same as to what is happening here. 

No, to all of this.  Can you zoom in closely enough to tell us if the elephants are overweight or have a vitamin E deficiency?  Can you see through to their joints and check for arthritis, a common killer of captive elephants?  Can you tell if any of these elephants have TB or EEHV?  Can you tell how many hours the elephants spend chained on the road or backstage (spoiler: it’s more than a third of their day)?  No, you can’t, you have no idea about the health of these animals from one shitty iPhone pic so just stop.  And I hope you’re talking about the abuse you saw at Pinnawala and are very remorseful at your spending money at that brutal tourist trap.
When experts say elephants need socialization, they mean in a natural herd setting, not tied together for hours on end backstage at a circus.  The basic social unit of the elephant is mother and calves, that is their strongest natural bond.  None of these elephants are in their basic social unit as Ringling admits it separates calves at less than 2 years old to break them and shuffles them around based on who is the best performer, not family bonds.  The severing of family bonds for an elephant has tremendously negative effects on their pysches for years to come.  Their social needs are complex and it’s not as simple as, “Well, they’re standing next to another elephant, their social bars must be full.”
To say that circus elephants are rewarded with food, is just beyond ridiculous and ignorant.  Elephants are extremely dangerous and have killed many people.  In the free contact system of a circus, they are not controlled with food; they’re controlled with intimidation.  That’s what the bullhook is for (or the bat or the ax handle or the whip or the electric prod).  The elephants are broken as calves with physical domination and continually threatened with physical abuse to maintain that submission over their entire lives.  Feld himself admitted under oath the elephants are trained with pain and intimidation.  This is not like training your dog or cat, unless you’re electroshocking your dog to teach it to speak?
The vet question is another shocking thing to say.  Did you read any of my links?  Did you see the story of Kenny, whose vet warned that he not be used in a Ringling show lest he shit blood in the ring and freak out the audience?  Luckily, that didn’t happen - he bled out after the show, thank god.  Not to mention Ringling received the largest fine in history because of AWA violations in 2011.  Health is not a top priority in the circus, money is.
I know you’re trying to be a good consumer and not question anything, and that’s fine, but don’t also spew that ignorant shit in public.  You’re embarrassing yourself.  Just quietly buy the ticket and the popcorn and watch the show, that’s what you’re good at - not talking.





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